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Rose continues to battle with Martin over their divorce while Mal formulates a plan to get Poole out of their lives for good; and Leslie and Jake hit a comfortable stride as friends and colleagues – just as his divorce from Nikki becomes final. When Mal suddenly leaves town and lends Jake out to be shadowed by a pompous crime novelist looking for inspiration, Jake’s entire life, including his constant relationship woes, is put under the authorial microscope; a simple cheating spouse domestic case turns out to be something far more devious than it first appears; and Jake, expecting the return of his father, gets an unwelcome surprise when it’s not Mal standing in the kitchen to greet him but his troubled older brother, Christian. Jake and Mal are pulled into a family favour case when Walter’s soon-to-be brother-in-law suddenly disappears on the day of his wedding; Leslie meets Christian for the first time and he certainly leaves an impression on her; and the tension between Jake and Christian escalates to a new level after Christian crosses one too many lines with his younger brother.

When Jake receives a mysterious late night call from Christian, he’s not prepared for the scary crime scene he finds at the other end of the line; Mal is suddenly and seriously sidelined and Jake takes the reins to save his tormented brother from the Police, including Leslie; Nikki makes a significant step in moving on from Jake; and everyone’s trying to keep it together as their Republic falls apart. In the season 2 opener, Jake is on the trail of a group of bold daytime kidnappers; Leslie and Jake take steps to move on from each other as Rose tries to figure out the next steps after Mal's heart attack.

Our domain name speaks for itself Online Divorce made it a lot easier to file with the court. Each step is outlined and explained and there is no question left.

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The season finale aired on April 7, 2010 and drew 1,120,000 viewers.

The second season debuted on January 12, 2011 with 1,038,000 viewers.

Guest star: Kathleen Munroe (Jane Doe / Annabelle). When a dubious chip truck owner notices his truck is missing – along with his driver/best buddy – he cons Jake into taking the case; Martin really crosses a line with Rose and she takes matters into her own hands; and Jake’s divorce becomes final and he’s happy to tell Leslie that he’s now a free-agent.

A grieving widow hires the Doyles to find out why her husband left a generous sum of money in his will to a woman she’s never heard of. But Leslie’s just been bumped up the ladder with a promotion to Sergeant, and her eye is on the job, not Jake Doyle.

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Crime novelist Garrison Steele returns again to both hire and torment Jake to help him research a murder case; Jake and Leslie struggle to keep their mutual affection for each other in check; Allison receives some much-needed help from Jake. Jake buys an expensive gift for Allison only to have it stolen by a thief; The Mayor finds himself in a compromising position and asks for Jake's help and his silence; Mal has trouble telling a lie to his kids; Leslie thinks she's being followed.The Doyles start trailing a potentially cheating husband to find he deeply loves his wife but is in deep trouble with some menacing criminals and smugglers; as Nikki moves forward with her new beau, Jake and Leslie take it to the next level.Guest stars: Gordon Pinsent (Maurice Becker), Mark Critch (Ned Bishop).Sergeant Jake Doyle is assigned to protect a mob informant but when a mysterious group of men impede him, Jake finds the tables turned – himself the target of a manhunt.Guest stars: Russell Crowe, Scott Grimes, Kevin Durand, Alan Doyle.

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