Blackberry email folders not updating

Removing then re-adding an email account often fixes login/not receiving emails issues.

This often helps if you get emails on your computer/PC but not on your phone.

Inserting/Removing a SIM is helpful when receiving activation errors (SIM not detected/not valid/failure/not recognized/misaligned), having trouble with the browser or have a blank/frozen screen on a 4G device. A soft reset is like rebooting your computer and is often used as the first step in any troubleshooting. Lisaprince asked Verizon Wireless: Q: Can I make calls with my Ellipsis 7? These devices are not provisioned or designed to make calls like a standard smart phone.

If you're having other issues with your phone or device, visit our Troubleshooting Assistant.... However, you would always be able to search the play store for applications for voice over data calling.

This helps to determine how to turn on/off your mobile hot spot or when you're having trouble setting up or connecting to Wi Fi, your mobile hotspot needs to be turned off.

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When I try to download a movie using Google Play, I get the error "external storage must be installed for this download to continue." I have an SD card installed. Then the solid red screen with the Verizon symbol on it comes up.. I was told to try a reset, which was hold power button volume... It is activated and has a designated cell phone number.

My tablet was returned to me after being stolen & the teen who took it knew the screen lock code.

We cannot remember our screen lock (was taken months ago) & it's telling me tgat my email & password don't match up.

There are apps available, such as Skype, that allow calls to be made using the...

If your computer/PC doesn't recognize your wireless device/USB when it's inserted/connected, this may help.

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